bookthug-fall launch

BookThug launches several new books of poetry this season and we have some celebrating to do before the snow starts to fall. Some BookThugs will be present, others will be beamed in via technology! But we hope you’ll join us in welcoming the following books into the Thug catalogue:

Expeditions of a Chimaera by Oana Avasilichioaei and Erin Moure
After the 6ix O’Clock News
by Kemeny Babineau
The Rose Concordance
by Angela Carr
declining america
by rob budde
Ex Machina
by Jonathan Ball
esp: accumulation sonnets
by Jay MillAr
The Benjamin Sonnets by Clint Burnham
a new translation from the Danish, Copenhagen: a short story collection, by Katrine Marie Guldager.

[Poster by Stirling Prentice]


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One response to “BookThugBookLaunch

  1. monty reid

    better let me know how much the new list costs?

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