So what of innovative writing?

Last night at the Supermarket in Kensington Market, Toronto, BookThug launched 8 new books: Expeditions of Chimaera by Erin Moure and Oana Avasilichioaei; After the 6ix O’clock News by Kemeny Babineau; The Rose Concordance by Angela Carr; esp: accumulation sonnets by Jay MillAr; Ex Machina by Jonathan Ball; declining america by Rob Budde; Copenhagen by Katrine Marie Guldager*; The Benjamin Sonnets by Clint Burnham*. It was held in Toronto, but thanks to the fancy tech work of Johnny Trelawny we were able to teleport Rob Budde from Prince George B.C. and Jonathan Ball via surrogate cybernetic lifeform. BookThug is truly an ephemeral and disembodied nation.

You can watch the show here ( We’re unable to embed the player using WordPress technology, but you can jump over to BookThug Actual if you want to watch it in full without signing up for a synclive account.

Publisher Jay MillAr as host,  generated a performance essay…that is an essay that was performed by the poetry of the night. His introduction to the evening and to each of the poets and their books flowed into one another, swimming around the question of “progress” in relation to poetry. The poetry entered the event through this filter. Fittingly, the poets that “read” via technology added a new dimention to the idea of progress. And further, here you are, reading second hand about the event through this blog, and maybe dropping in on the recorded version of our evening (which in many instances is a recording of a video playing on a screen). Turtles all the way down.

Download the pdf version of Jay’s speech here.

* denotes authors who were not present at the launch. We missed them!


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