Meredith Quartermain is the featured writer on Ditch this month

Matter Cover

Meredith Quartermain is the featured writer on Ditch Poetry this month. John C. Goodman sent the following missive to the Facebook group. If you’re interested in Meredith Quartermain’s latest BookThug title, you can find it here.  Quartermain also has an upcoming BookThug title under the Department of Narrative Studies imprint. The book, called Recipies from the Red Planet, is  a phantasmagoric collection of microfiction and will be released in Fall 2010.

Our featured poet for the month of November is Meredith Quartermain.

Meredith Quartermain’s most recent book, Nightmarker (NeWest), explores the city as animal behavior, museum and dream of modernity. In another recent book, entitled Matter (BookThug), she playfully riffs on Darwin’s Origin of Species and Roget’s Thesaurus. Vancouver Walking won the 2006 BC Book Award for Poetry. She is co-founder of Nomados Literary Publishers.

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