Announcing the 2010 Subscription Package

2010 SUBOnce again, BookThug is offering their incredible subscription package for the year 2010. We have all sorts of things in the works that will keep your Thug-o-meter beeping madly. Below is a list of the books that we have planned for you reading pleasure — don’t forget that there are lots of fascinating and wonderful things that pop up on the fly that as a subscriber you will also receive. You’ll never find yourself down the road comparing notes and scouring checklists chanting “got it, got it, need it, need it”. Ensure your future, and the future of BookThug, with the purchase of a full-year subscription.


World News Update by Michael Woods

Machine Language by David Dowker

Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis by Jason Dickson
Department of Narrative Studies No. 3

Tale Light: New and Selected Poems by Karen Mac Cormack

Tracelanguage: a shared breath by Mark Goldstein

(made) by Cara Benson


Now Lays The Sunshine By by Andrew Hughes

The Captain Poetry Poems by bpNichol
Department of ReIssue No. 4
With an introduction by bill bissett and an afterword by George Bowering


Recipes from the Red Planet by Meredith Quartermain
Department of Narrative Studies No. 4

Fieldnotes: a forensic by Kate Eichhorn

Nature by Mark Truscott

The Occasional Troubadour: Letter Drop IV by Victor Coleman
With drawings by David Bolduc

Cosmographia by Michael Boughn

Cop Kisser by Steven Zultanski

Horizontal Surfaces: Essays by George Bowering
Department of Critical Thought No. 3

Crystal Flowers and Orphee of the Four Arts by Florine Stettheimer
Department of Reissue No 5.
Edited by Irene Gammel & Suzanne Zelazo

Once again, remember that this is not the definitive list of publications for the year 2010. But if you subscribe, you’ll get all the chapbooks, all the productions of Moments Cafe, and all the fun only BookThug can provide. All this for $200. Buy it here.


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