Jonathan Ball’s Sub-Mission Statement

Jonathan Ball has taken the experiment of Ex Machina down a new rabbit hole. His rEmiX MACHINA project, published under a Creative Commons License, is now being placed in your hands for rEimagining and rEdistribution.  See below for the details of the project. The book initially reminded me of Borges Book of Sand with the “beginning” “middle” and “end” always falling somewhere new with each reading. I’m excited to see how the rEmiX MACHINA project will push that impossibility of a definitive reading further.



This site exists to host announcements and “remixes” of Jonathan Ball‘s poetry book Ex Machina (BookThug, 2009).

The book is published under a Creative Commons license that allows for attributed, non-commercial, sharealike derivations. Click here for all the details. The basics of what this means:
1. You can buy a copy of Ex Machina and “remix” it — use the book as a jumping-off point to fashion your own creative works.
2. The works you create must acknowledge Ball and Ex Machina as a source of inspiration.
3. You cannot make money off of the works you create (without Jonathan’s permission) but you can distribute them by any non-commercial means.
4. The works you create must be licensed similarly.

Last, but not least — make stuff, and send it to me! I’m at


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