BookThug interview with Cara Benson, author of (made).

In the magical dictionary of (made), Cara Benson renders hotel facades in marshmallow not a color, but the surface a substance I associate, at least in North America, with outdoor recreational fires. That hotel is going to burn to a crisp, in the social and planetary imaginary of Bensons intense work. Whats particularly successful about this collection is the fact that this projective, impossible, ruined image does not have a place in the book, but, rather, appears/can appear: in the body of the reader: reading. Images are tracked not just for their futures but for their past versions (garbage) in which we wander, but delete, too. How can you aim a fire? asks Benson, in the cold axis of an aftermath in which the earth is an orange orbiting or attracting the jagged spark lines of the sky. What breaks the sky. This is writing from the holocene. Its not trajectory. Its not narrative. Its vibration. Bhanu Kapil

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