A Fieldnotes teaser and three new reviews

On The Globe and Mail’s In Other Words blog, Angela Carr writes about Kate Eichhorn. The post features a teaser from Kate’s upcoming book, Fieldnotes.

This is a bodily observation

the most radical of all ideas

Not far from where we were indiscriminate in a sunlit clearing

the world unfolds

always inscribed on my knowledge-producing warfare

an obligation to other bodies, demanding colleagues

personification into units behind artillery

result of perfect planning

Full post here.

Theodoros Chiotis reviews Jonathan Ball’s Ex Machina for Hand + Star:

Ex Machina deftly undercuts the cult of the poetic personality in its exploration of the interfacing of human and machine subjectivity. Ball’s verses are blocks of textual units commenting on other texts to which we do not readily have access: “(lines follow lines, and in the piling lines)/(a code commences to construct worlds)”.

Full review here.

rob mclennan reviews Michael Boughn’s 22 Skidoo / Subtractions:

“Boughn writes in concise twists, carrying a poetry that seems brilliantly out of place amid everything else that appears in print. Where does meaning lie? This is the question posed even by one of his opening quotes, by Archibald MacLeish, “A poem should not mean, but be.” These poems are far more expansive yet no less elastic, writing out to write the mark just before the actual mark.”

Full review here.

…and Elizabeth Bachinsky’s Curio:

“Through anagram, pillage, plunder and other structural plays, Curio enacts a wonderful revenge on expectation, and writes overtly a subversion of form…”

Full review here.


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