The Literature of the Future, Today!

Thank you to all who faced the heat and possible storm to come out to BookThug’s Spring 2010 launch – it was a great success! The space at Supermarket was filled with literary revelry and the energy from the readings inspired a great buzz afterwards at the book table.

After some shameless self promotion from BookThug’s publisher Jay MillAr, the readings were kicked off by David Dowker from his new BookThug book, Machine Language. Performances continued into the evening and included a stunningly vocal reading by Cara Benson from her new book, (MADE); a visual treat by Mark Laliberte from his graphic poetry creation, BRICKBRICKBRICK; a preview (with the aid of Lily Hoang) into the inaugural contents of the periodical, The Coming Envelope, edited by Malcolm Sutton; an eloquent glimpse into the lives within Jason Dickson’s new book, Glenn Piano by Gladys Priddis; and traces of Mark Goldstein’s Tracelanguage. Mark also took the opportunity on stage to call everyone present ‘mutants’ – a label which most BookThuggers would probably readily accept. A full list with descriptions of all the new BookThug titles and their mutant authors can be found here.

Whether we are mutant cyborgs from the future, or lost little children using our small hands to retrieve the bullet from inside our fathers’ stomachs, BookThuggery persists! And Thursday night proved it. Thank you again to a lovely audience, and a wonderful group of readers!

Take a look at the pictures to see if we caught your smiling face on camera:


A packed house at Supermarket.

Jay MillAr gets the night rolling.

Cara Benson reads from (MADE).

Mark Laliberte talks about BRICKBRICKBRICK.

Mark Goldstein, author of Tracelanguage, is actually more excited about his latest album release.

Malcolm Sutton talks to The Coming Envelope contributor, Lily Hoang.

Happy audience members!

Happy interns swoon over BookThug creations.

Co-owner of This Ain't the Rosedale Library, Jesse Huisken chats with upcoming Thug Mark Truscott whose poetry book Nature will be out later this year.

Angela Szczepaniak looking studiously into Mark Laliberte's BRICKBRICKBRICK. Szczepaniak wrote the afterword to this gem of a book.

*Photo credits go to BookThug’s Managing Editor Jenny Sampirisi and Lainna Lane


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