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BookThug 2011 Spring Launch
Tues. May 24th, 2011 – 7:30pm
The Supermarket in Kensington Market
268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Dear Friends of BookThug,

The world is a different place since our exciting fall launch: Harper has a majority government, the NDP is the official opposition, and a whole new set of BookThug authors formed ideas into poetry and then into books. In the case that the world does not end on May 21st, we suggest you join us in celebrating the continuation of days by having a raucous good time on MAY 24 at the BookThug BookLaunch at The Supermarket in Kensington Market, 268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto. Doors open at 7:30 PM.

New books will be released by Jake Kennedy – Alessandro Porco – Aisha Sasha John – Richard Krueger – Gary Barwin & Gregory Betts – Phil Hall – Erin Moure – Niels Frank – Roger Greenwald trans. – Stephen Cain & Clelia Scala (Read about the titles below).

There will also be a surprise guest who you will not want to miss (because later people will tell you who it was and you’ll wish you’d been there. Regret is no way to start launch season).

If you can’t make it, you can watch the event on our website:

You can also follow us on Twitter @bookthug

See you in the literary future,

Introducing the Spring BookThug Books

Pre-Order the following titles at a 10% discount today!

Or purchase the 2011 BookThug Subscription and get all of these titles, plus all the fall titles, and all kinds of other goodies for just $250! You can purchase a subscription here.

Apollinaire’s Speech to the War Medic by Jake Kennedy
This is a book that revels in the that-which-gets-left-behind and is just plain old fascinated with the plop of things. Metaphor is plundered as a doorway into the attic of the basement of objects and animals and phenomena, and inside you’ll find poem-studies about hammers, tigers, grass, fire, cat piss, killing floors and many other oh my’s.

I Can Say Interpolation by Stephen Cain with Illustrations by Clelia Scala
Weary of saccharine stories and tired themes when reading poetry for children? Angered at seeing your children indoctrinated into adhering to patriarchy, neoliberal capitalism, and general compliance with authority each time they open a book of verse?

Killdeer: Essay Poems by Phil Hall
These are poems of critical thought that have been influenced by old fiddle tunes. These are essays that are not out to persuade so much as ruminate, invite, accrue.Hall is a surruralist (rural & surreal), and a terroir-ist (township-specific regionalist). He offers memories of, and homages to – Margaret Laurence, Bronwen Wallace, Libby Scheier, and Daniel Jones, among others.

Picture World by Niels Frank (Trans Roger Greenwald)
Picture World is the first complete book by the Danish poet Niels Frank to be published in English. By turns funny and serious, ironic and sincere, droll and sly, conversational and playfully inventive, it draws the reader into a set of contemplations that grows more and more complex as its elements recur, reinforcing and undercutting one another, casting light but also doubt. As a poetic sequence in twenty-four parts, this is a work of high ambition. Its signal achievement is to use an accessible voice to present a deeply nuanced composition.

Pillage Laud by Erin Moure
First published in 1999 in an edition of 300 perfectbound copies and 26 spiralbound copies lettered A-Z and signed, Pillage Laud is a lost cult item that now returns to print. As the 1999 edition announced, Pillage Laud selects from pages of computer-generated sentences to produce lesbian sex poems.

The Monotony of Fatal Accidents by Richard Krueger
Though at a passing glance it appears to deal primarily with geography and animals, The Monotony of Fatal Accidents in fact deals with neither; rather, it is an internal journey through the body of the poet. This body is a scene of violence, and this violence is mapped out across the hinterland of the poet’s mind.

The Obvious Flap by Gary Barwin and Gregory Betts
Sometimes language, thoughts, and emotions are a fixed structure like a warehouse. Sometimes they are fog, waves, light, or music. This is LSE: Language as a second English. English as a grammar of ghosts. Words as the snowfall of ideas. The Obvious Flap is a musical, poetic flux of recurring and recursive images that explore the luminous fringes of language.

The Shining Material by Aisha Sasha John
In The Shining Material, Aisha Sasha John is a hostess; welcome to her house. Inside there is a party, a prayer, a painting that puts its fingers in your mouth – let it: in The Shining Material witness Aisha Sasha John braid self-portraiture, ekphrasis, and her own brand of psalm to create a collection of poems that is a tonic: dizzying in its open-mouthed, symphonic charge. The Shining Material is an opportunity to trace a fresh sensibility that will continue and make the work of this young innovative woman writer a powerful force in avant-garde writing around the world.

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