Camille Martin — Codes of Public Sleep

88 pages; 9×6 inches; paperback
ISBN 1 897388 11 X | 978 1 897388 11 2
October 2007 | $20 | BUY NOW


12 or 20 Questions: with Camille Martin

rob mclennan interviews Camille Martin about her new BookThug book.

As to moving between genres within poetry, I remember Peter Gizzi saying that as much as he wanted to write a book-length poem or poetic sequence, he always seemed to gravitate to the short lyric. I have felt the same attraction to the short lyric, but my most recent project involves breaking out of that habit and exploring the possibilities of a poetic sequence based on my heritage. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. My need to explore that subject in a long poem following my father’s death created the means for me to do it.

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