Kate Eichhorn — Fond

80 pages; 8×8 inches; paperback
ISBN 1 897388 19 5 | 978 1 897388 19 8
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Reviewed by Aaron Tucker for Mansfield Press

It is with this sleight of hand that Fond is most striking and beautiful. After reading this text, one may no longer see books as museums but rather as a series of unique readerly choices and reactions, grounded in subjectivity and the physicality of the individual body. Information, the archive, is alive and active.

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rob mclennan interviews Kate Eichhorn for Open Book Toronto

In terms of my own work, I’m interested in the performativity of texts and publishing networks rather than the performativity of the public reading. I think about how a book enters the world, in what material form, as a sort of performance. I am currently working on a project that will appear in installments.

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