Lisa Robertson — The Men

69 pages; 4.25×8 inches; perfectbound
ISBN 0 9739742 5 7
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Boys to Men

Reviewed by Alan Gilbert for the Village Voice

“Rather than condemnation, Robertson’s ongoing response to boys, men, and their imposed strictures is an unruliness, a refusal to obey, a positing of fluid sexuality, a participation in alternative communities, and a delight in overlooked shared spaces. In this way, her poetry performs a witty and mischievous dialogue while conveying a subtle recognition that fear and even pathos oftentimes motivate the need for order: “Amazed head of a man I feed/you violets and fall upwards bleating.” In The Men, as in much of her work, Robertson makes intellect seductive; only her poetry could turn swooning into a critical gesture.”

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The Men by Lisa Robertson

Reviewed by Maria Giuliani for Matrix Magazine

“Robertson interlaces all of the parts with consistent themes and terminology, such as metaphors on the presence and absence of light, which intertwine with the narrator’s respective viewpoints, surmising her men from outside their circle and in. Perhaps the most alluded to theme is that of poetry itself: of language, of mutual understanding and misunderstanding, and of being unable to read one another.”

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