Mark Goldstein — After Rilke: To Forget You Sang and Tracelanguage

After Rilke: To Forget You Sang
48 pages; perfectbound into printed wrappers

ISBN 978 1 897388 21 1
Spring 2008 | $12 | BUY NOW

112 pages; perfectbound

ISBN 978-1897388556
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After Rilke: To Forget You Sang

John Herbert Cunningham reviews Mark Goldstein’s book for Prairie Fire

“Rilke’s voice echoes from Goldstein’s poem. The rhythm is strong, propelling us towards the end. The rhyming of ‘mind’ with ‘mine’ is weak, but the other stanzas display excellent use of assonance, particularly ‘Inner is an endless shrine and.’ Some may question the ‘and’ that ends it but this is necessary to set up the rhythm of the next. The middle line ‘lead and lead and leave’ is fascinating. The pronunciation of the initial ‘lead’ is that of the metal but the word ‘leave’ at the end of that line forces a re-pronunciation of the middle ‘lead’ so that the long ‘e’ of ‘leave’ is matched. The device of the volte, frequently used in sonnets, is very effective here. / Goldstein has added another piece to the recent–but by now well-established–tradition of homolinguistic translation. His is excellent work, with the prose and poetry working together like Cirque du Soleil acrobats. One could wish for more but one isn’t about to get it–so be satisfied with this fine rendition.”

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rob mclennan reviews Tracelanguage on his blog:

To write inside, out and through another work, collaborating a voice between your own and the original remains a challenging task, and one few seem capable of mastering, yet Goldstein’s close and quick attention to the slowness and mutability of Celan show his wide appreciation and knowledge of the late poet’s work…Goldstein breathes, and Celan’s air reaches deep through every pore, every cell.

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