Sandra Alland — Blissful Times

77 pages; 5.25×8.75 inches; paperback
ISBN 0 9781587 6 8 | 978 0 9781587 6 7
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Sandra Alland, a few words and three poems

Sina Queyras interviews Sandra Alland about ‘Blissful Times’

Beckett’s work has captivated me since high school — especially his ideas around the impossible (or fleetingly possible) yearning for connection and understanding, and the conflict between hope and despair. Also his brilliant use of language and silence. I feel a deep kinship with Beckett, yet there are huge class, gender, generational, sexual, and myriad other differences between us as humans (and writers). So in a way I saw this book partially as a poetic conversation I could have with Beckett, were he still alive.

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